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        1. Schools in West Virginia

          NameAddressRatingEnrollmentGrade span
          A. T. Allison Elementary School600 RAILROAD STREET, Chester47460K-4
          Adamston Elementary School1636 WEST PIKE STREET, Clarksburg49295PK-5
          Alban Elementary School2030 HARRISON AVENUE, Saint Albans64383K-5
          Alderson Elementary SchoolELMWOOD AVE & CHASE STREET, Alderson83243PK-5
          Altizer Elementary School250 THIRD STREET, Huntington29284PK-5
          Alum Bridge Elementary School10949 US HIGHWAY 33 WEST, Alum Bridge90105PK-4
          Alum Creek Elementary SchoolRT 7 BOX 279A, South Charleston86206PK-5
          Anawalt Elementary SchoolSCHOOL HOUSE ROAD, Anawalt1593PK-5
          Andrew Jackson Middle School5445 BIG TYLER ROAD, Charleston696676-8
          Andrews Heights Elementary SchoolCOAL RIVER ROAD, Tornado78335K-5
          Anna Jarvis Elementary School650 N. PIKE STREET, Grafton63648PK-4
          Anne Bailey Elementary School405 WINFIELD ROAD, Saint Albans12399PK-5
          Ansted Elementary School118 CHURCH STREET, Ansted46227PK-4
          Ansted Middle School118 CHURCH ST., Ansted411825-8
          Arnoldsburg SchoolROUTE 33-19, Arnoldsburg66222PK-4
          Arthur I Boreman Elementary SchoolROUTE 18, Middlebourne88398PK-5
          Ashford-Rumble Elementary SchoolHC 64, BOX 540, Ashford7793K-6
          Ashton Elementary School4250 ASHTON-UPLAND ROAD, Ashton32421PK-6
          Athens SchoolROUTE 20 STATE STREET, Athens53531PK-8
          Augusta Elementary SchoolROUTE 50, Augusta30313PK-5
          Aurora Elementary SchoolRR 1 BOX 209, Aurora51131PK-6
          B-U Intermediate School18 COLLEGE AVE., Buckhannon372833-5
          B-U Middle SchoolRT. 6, BOX 303, Buckhannon269106-8
          Back Creek Valley Elementary School1962 BACK CREEK VALLEY ROAD, Hedgesville9141K-3
          Baileysville Grade SchoolRT 97, Brenton43379K-8
          Barboursville Middle School1400 CENTRAL AVE, Barboursville607746-8
          Barrackville Elementary/Middle School509 PIKE STREET, Barrackville69350PK-8
          Beale Elementary SchoolRT. #1, Gallipolis Ferry32320PK-6
          Beaver Elementary School16414 WEBSTER ROAD, Craigsville2391K-6
          Beckley Elementary School399 GRAY FLATS ROAD, Beckley43360PK-5
          Beckley-Stratton Junior High School401 GRAY FLATS ROAD, Beckley346746-8
          Beech Bottom Primary SchoolHIGH STREET, Beech Bottom5382K-4
          Belington Elementary SchoolROUTE 92, Belington27348PK-5
          Belington Middle SchoolRR 2 BOX 343, Belington342376-8
          Belle Elementary School401 E 6TH STREET, Belle77291PK-5
          Belmont Elementary School512 RIVERVIEW DRIVE, Belmont95232PK-4
          Berkeley Heights Elementary School726 HACK WILSON WAY, Martinsburg16781PK-3
          Berkeley Springs High School149 CONCORD AVENUE, Berkeley Springs257179-12
          Berlin Mckinney Elementary SchoolCOOK PARKWAY, Oceana91430PK-4
          Berwind Elementary SchoolROAD 9 - OFF ROUTE 16, Berwind10161PK-8
          Bethlehem Elementary School22 CHAPEL RD, Wheeling97110K-5
          Beverly Elementary SchoolROUTE 219 / 250 SOUTH, Beverly25224PK-5
          Beverly Hills Middle School2901 SALTWELL RD, Huntington564786-8
          Big Elm Elementary School200 TETRICK ROAD, Shinnston44689PK-5
          Birch River Elementary School379 BIRCH RIVER ROAD, Birch River19105PK-6
          Blackshere Elementary School77 BLACKSHERE DRIVE, Mannington75431PK-4
          Blennerhasset Elementary School448 JEWEL RD, Parkersburg89535K-6
          Blennerhassett Junior High School444 JEWEL RD, Parkersburg295777-9
          Blue Ridge Elementary School18866 CHARLES TOWN ROAD, Harpers Ferry64466K-5
          Bluefield High School535 WEST CUMBERLAND ROAD, Bluefield646569-12
          Bluefield Intermediate School1301 SOUTHVIEW DRIVE, Bluefield623103-5
          Bluefield Middle School2002 STADIUM DRIVE, Bluefield585766-8
          Bluewell Elementary SchoolRT 4 BOX 480, Bluefield44220PK-5
          Bonham Elementary SchoolROUTE 1, BOX 425A, Charleston62236PK-5
          Bradley Elementary School210 BRADLEY SCHOOL ROAD, Mount Hope61487PK-5
          Bradshaw Elementary SchoolROUTE 80 MAIN STREET, Bradshaw37217PK-5
          Brandywine Elementary SchoolRT. 33, Brandywine29155PK-6
          Braxton County High School200 JERRY BURTON DRIVE, Sutton227009-12
          Braxton County Middle School100 CARTER BRAXTON DRIVE, Sutton316265-8
          Bridge Elementary School5120 ELK RIVER ROAD N, Elkview15130K-5
          Bridge Street Middle School19 JUNIOR AVE, Elm Grove822876-8
          Bridgeport High School515 JOHNSON AVENUE, Bridgeport828239-12
          Bridgeport Middle School413 JOHNSON AVENUE, Bridgeport886186-8
          Bridgeview Elementary School5100 OHIO STREET, South Charleston37422PK-5
          Broadview Elementary School189 CIRCLE DRIVE, Weirton73265K-4
          Brooke High SchoolCROSS CREEK ROAD, Wellsburg351,2559-12
          Brookhaven Elementary School1215 BAKER STREET, Morgantown36463PK-5
          Brookview Elementary School1 LEARNING WAY, Foster33574PK-5
          Bruceton School141 MORGANTOWN ST., Bruceton Mills57486PK-8
          Brushfork Elementary SchoolRT 4 BOX 93, Bluefield77202K-5
          Buckhannon Upshur High School50 BUCKHANNON-UPSHUR DRIVE, Buckhannon51,1719-12
          Buffalo Elementary SchoolPO BOX 310, Accoville37204PK-3
          Buffalo Elementary School331 BUFFALO CREEK ROAD, Kenova66503PK-5
          Buffalo Elementary SchoolRT. 2, BOX 93, Buffalo7250PK-5
          Buffalo High School3317 BUFFALO ROAD, Buffalo732769-12
          Buffalo Middle School298 BUFFALO CREEK ROAD, Kenova603056-8
          Bunker Hill Elementary School58 HAPPY SCHOOL AVENUE, Bunker Hill53351K-3
          Burch High SchoolRT. 2 BOX 521-A, Delbarton93777-12
          Burch Pk-6 SchoolRT. 3 BOX 4-B, Delbarton48461PK-6
          Burke Street Elementary School422 WEST BURKE STREET, Martinsburg9116PK-3
          Burlington Primary SchoolRT 1, BOX 126, Burlington64150PK-5
          Burnsville Elementary School228 KANAWHA AVE., Burnsville95137PK-4
          Cabell Midland High School2300 US ROUTE 60 EAST, Ona301,8469-12
          Calhoun County High SchoolHC 89, BOX 118, Mt. Zion156655-12
          Cameron Elementary School12 CHURCH STREET, Cameron35337K-6
          Cameron High School61 MAPLE AVENUE, Cameron193657-12
          Cammack Elementary School200 10TH AVE., Huntington81244PK-5
          Cammack Middle School200 10TH AVE., Huntington703426-8
          Capital High School1500 GREENBRIER ST, Charleston281,2039-12
          Capon Bridge Elementary SchoolCOLD STREAM ROAD, Capon Bridge31420PK-5
          Capon Bridge Middle SchoolCOLD STREAM RD., Capon Bridge483726-8
          Center Mcmechen Elementary School800 MARSHALL STREET, Mc Mechen77249PK-6
          Central City Elementary School2100 WASHINGTON AVE, Huntington40570PK-5
          Central Elementary School900 HELENE STREET, Saint Albans56383K-5
          Central Elementary School750 TOMLINSON AVENUE, Moundsville40162PK-6
          Central Preston Middle School100 E HIGH STREET, Kingwood462866-8
          Ceredo Elementary School484 MAIN STREET, Ceredo88211PK-5
          Ceredo Kenova Middle School4TH AND HIGH STS., Ceredo732716-8
          Ceres Elementary SchoolRT 2 BOX 189, Bluefield32189K-5
          Chamberlain Elementary School4901 VENABLE AV S E, Charleston98228K-5

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