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        1. Schools in TEXAS

          NameAddressRatingEnrollmentGrade span
          21st Century Early Learning Foundations Academy School3907 CAMINO REAL VIEJO, Weslaco-260PK
          3d Academy School2110 HESTER AVE, Donna117909-12
          3rd High School951 S BALLARD, Wylie---
          6th Grade Center School3201 STANFORD, Greenville-37006
          7th High - Northeast School1311 ROUND ROCK AVE, Round Rock---
          A & M Cons High School1801 HARVEY MITCHELL PKWY S, College Station831,78609-12
          A & M Consolidated Middle School105 HOLIK DR, College Station6288207-08
          A B Duncan Elementary School1101 S 8TH ST, Floydada17472PK-06
          A B Mcbay Elementary School1000 N ROSS, Mexia-502PK-02
          A C Blunt Middle School2103 DEMORY LN, Aransas Pass2541906-08
          A C Jones High School1902 N ADAMS, Beeville311,01009-12
          A E Butler Int School410 CLARDY DR, Quinlan3453103-05
          A G Elder Elementary School513 HENDERSON ST, Joshua67582PK-06
          A Habitat For Learning School3242 BELTWAY S, Abilene-39KG-9
          A Leal Junior Middle School743 W SOUTHCROSS BLVD, San Antonio4080506-08
          A M Ochoa Elementary School424 S 11TH ST, Donna30449PK-05
          A M Pate Elementary School3800 ANGLIN DR, Fort Worth16507PK-05
          A Maceo Smith New Tech High School3030 STAG RD, Dallas2643309-12
          A N Rico Elementary School2202 N INTERNATIONAL BLVD, Weslaco71869PK-05
          A P Beutel Elementary School300 LIGUSTRUM ST, Lake Jackson74524PK-04
          A P Solis Middle School700 S AVE, Donna5771006-08
          A V Cato Elementary School4501 BARBARA RD, Fort Worth27797PK-05
          A W Brown - F L A Early Childhood Campus School6901 S WESTMORELAND RD, Dallas191,264PK-02
          A+ Academy School10327 RYLIE RD, Dallas21940PK-12
          A+ Unlimited Potential School2700 SOUTHWEST FWY, Houston9-06-08
          A+up University School3005 MCGOWEN ST, Houston9-06-08
          Aaron Parker Elementary School98 CR 44112, Powderly61231PK-05
          Ab Harrison Int School1001 S BALLARD, Wylie8171805-06
          Abacus Of Austin School14115 AVERY RANCH BLVD, Austin-122PK-KG
          Abba Independent Learning Center School1035 FAIRMONT PKWY, Pasadena-20PK-12
          Abbett Elementary School730 W MUIRFIELD RD, Garland70716PK-05
          Abbott School219 S FIRST ST, Abbott64270PK-12
          Abell J H School3201 HERITAGE BLVD, Midland5298407-08
          Abercorn International School601 RANCH ROAD 620 S, Lakeway-68PK-4
          Abercrombie Academy School17102 THEISS MAIL ROUTE RD, Spring-106PK-5
          Abernathy Daep School1200 HOUSTON, Plainview-207-09
          Abernathy Elementary School505 7TH ST, Abernathy51370PK-05
          Abernathy High School505 7TH ST, Abernathy7121609-12
          Abernathy J H School505 7TH ST, Abernathy6119206-08
          Abiding Word Lutheran School17123 RED OAK DR, Houston-105KG-8
          Abilene High School2800 N 6TH ST, Abilene502,01509-12
          About Face Jjaep School4500 LAWRENCE AVE, El Paso---
          About Face Program Elementary School1440 E CLIFF, El Paso-502-05
          Abraham Kazen Middle School1520 GILLETTE BLVD, San Antonio-47506-08
          Academic Behavior East School7703 S LOOP E, Houston--1-12
          Academic Behavior West School7800 WESTGLEN, Houston--1-12
          Academy At Carrie F Thomas School8200 OBRIAN WAY, North Richland Hills46730PK-05
          Academy Elementary School311 N BUMBLEBEE DR, LITTLE RIVER-381PK-02
          Academy For Technology Engineering Math & Science School650 E HWY 80, Abilene7536909-12
          Academy High School602 E MAIN ST, LITTLE RIVER7540609-12
          Academy Int School107 S PONDALILY, LITTLE RIVER9029703-05
          Academy J H School501 E MAIN ST, LITTLE RIVER7832706-08
          Academy Jjaep School704 E MAIN ST, LITTLE RIVER---
          Academy Of Accelerated Learning School6711 BELLFORT ST, Houston69773PK-05
          Academy Of Careers And Technologies Charter School5300 HEATH RD, San Antonio-193-
          Academy Of Choice School8655 ENMORA, Houston2115309-12
          Academy Of Creative Education School3736 PERRIN CENTRAL BLDG2, San Antonio6314010-12
          Academy Of Dallas School1030 OAK PARK DR, Dallas25604PK-08
          Accelerated Int Charter School12825 SUMMIT RDG DR, Houston--07
          Accelerated Interdisciplinary Academy School12825 SUMMIT RDG DR, Houston59281PK-06
          Accelerated Learning Center School4129 GREENWOOD DR, Corpus Christi-69PK-02
          Ace Academy School3901 SHOAL CREEK BLVD, Austin-144PK-12
          Achieve Academy School300 PIRATE DR, Wylie1714105-12
          Achieve Early College High School3200 W PECAN, McAllen6642809-12
          Achievers Center For Education School5084 DEZAVLA RD, SA,-105-11
          Achziger Elementary School3300 RIDGERANCH RD, Mesquite73917PK-05
          Acton Elementary School3200 ACTON RD, Granbury70815PK-05
          Acton Middle School1300 JAMES RD, Granbury5979806-08
          Ad Wheat Middle School810 N COLONIAL, Cleburne2968006-08
          Ada Mae Faubion Elementary School1209 CYPRESS CREEK RD, Cedar Park57524PK-05
          Adam Elementary School11303 HONEYGROVE LN, Houston70840PK-05
          Adams Elementary School2350 SHERRY, Arlington22881PK-06
          Adams Elementary School1492 IS GROVE RD, Cleburne43435PK-05
          Adams Hill Elementary School9627 ADAMS HILL DR, San Antonio57567PK-05
          Adams Middle School901 E THIRD ST, Alice2271307-08
          Adelfa Botello Callejo Elementary School7817 MILITARY PKWY, Dallas50713PK-05
          Adelle Turner Elementary School5505 S POLK ST, Dallas33357PK-05
          Adkins Middle School2402 ENNIS JOSLIN RD, Corpus Christi7648906-08
          Admin 河北福彩快三开奖结果 School4250 COOK RD, Houston-48PK-12
          Adrian School301 MATADOR DR, Adrian45129PK-12
          Adult Basic Education School1300 19TH ST, Plano---
          Adult Education School708 PALM BLVD, Brownsville-0AE
          Adult Education School1066 W MAGNOLIA, Fort Worth---
          Adult Learning Center School1929 S 11TH, Abilene-0AE
          Adult Transition 河北福彩快三开奖结果 School1020 WALSH TARLETON, Austin-2612
          Adult/Community Lrn Center School121 PADRES DR, El Paso-0AE
          Advanced Preparatory International School5787 S HAMPTON RD STE 115, Dallas-269-12
          Advanced Virtual Academy School1102 TELEPHONE RD, Houston-30809-12
          Advantage Academy School955 FREETOWN RD, Grand Prairie371,833PK-12
          Adventist Christian Academy Of Texas School3601 S LOOP 336 E, Conroe-106PK-12
          Adventure Pre & Kardia Christian Academy School10555 SPRING CYPRESS RD, Houston-365PK-5
          Aep Campus School105 W TUTT ST, Howe---
          Aesa Prep Academy School14101 CANONADE, Austin-1062-12
          Africa-Care Academy School724 W 10TH ST, Dallas-19PK-7
          Agape Christian Academy School3116 W STATE HIGHWAY 22, Corsicana-105PK-12
          Agape Christian School1401 E 24TH ST, Mission-176PK-7
          Agnes Cotton Elementary School1616 BLANCO RD, San Antonio11435PK-06
          Agnew Middle School729 WILKINSON DR, Mesquite4673107-08
          Agua Dulce Elementary School1 LONGHORN DR, Agua Dulce47163PK-05
          Agua Dulce High School1 LONGHORN DR, Agua Dulce3521706-12

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