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        1. Schools in South Carolina

          NameAddressRatingEnrollmentGrade span
          A C CORCORAN ELEMENTARY8585 Vistavia Road, Hanahan20635PK-5
          A C FLORA HIGH1 Falcon Dr., Columbia641,2669-12
          A C MOORE ELEMENTARY333 Etiwan Dr., 39401PK-5
          A J LEWIS GREENVIEW ELEMENTARY726 Easter Street, 27393PK-5
          A J WHITTENBURG ELEMENTARY420 Westfield Street, -289PK-2
          A R LEWIS ELEMENTARY1755 Shady Grove Rd, Pickens70235PK-5
          A. R. RUCKER MIDDLE422 Old Dixie Road, Lancaster Mill365286-8
          ABBEVILLE COUNTY CAREER CENTER100 Old Calhoun Falls Road, Abbeville-9210-12
          ABBEVILLE HIGH701 Washington Street, Abbeville605379-12
          ABNER CREEK ACADEMY2050 Abner Creek Road, 80406PK-4
          ACADEMIC MAGNET HIGH5109-A West Enterprise Street, Charleston1006089-12
          ACADEMY FOR CAREER EXCELLENCE (BEAUFORT-JASPER)80 Lowcountry Drive, Hardeeville-4329-12
          ACADEMY FOR THE ARTS SCIENCE A895 International Drive, Conway793669-12
          AIKEN COUNTY CAREER CENTER2455 Jefferson Davis Highway, Aiken-42910-12
          AIKEN ELEMENTARY2050 Pine Log Road, Aiken77814PK-5
          AIKEN HIGH449 Rutland Drive, Aiken531,4819-12
          AIKEN MIDDLE101 Gator Lane, Aiken346276-8
          AIKEN PERFORMING ARTS CHARTER130 Avery Lane, 13549-12
          AIRPORT HIGH1315 Boston Avenue, Cayce431,3799-12
          ALCORN MIDDLE5125 Fairfield Road, 173556-8
          ALEXANDER ELEMENTARY1601 W. Bramlett Road, 11385PK-5
          ALICE DRIVE ELEMENTARY251 Alice Drive, 68664PK-5
          ALICE DRIVE MIDDLE40 Miller Road, Lakewood637276-8
          ALLENDALE ELEMENTARY4561 Allendale Fairfax Highway, Allendale6530PK-5
          ALLENDALE-FAIRFAX HIGH3581 Allendale-Fairfax Hwy, Fairfax64259-12
          ALLENDALE-FAIRFAX MIDDLE3305 Allendale-Fairfax Hwy, Fairfax33036-8
          ALMA ELEMENTARY213 Alma Street, East Gaffney12228PK-5
          ALSTON MIDDLE500 Bryan Street, 688656-8
          AMBLER ELEMENTARY838 Ambler School Road, Pickens86259PK-5
          ANDERSON DISTRICTS 1 & 2 CAREER CENTER702 Belton Hwy, Williamston-1,67410-12
          ANDERSON MILL ELEMENTARY1845 Old Anderson Mill Rd., 77668PK-5
          ANDREW JACKSON HIGH6925 Kershaw Camden Highway, 496309-12
          ANDREW JACKSON MIDDLE6865 Kershaw Camden Hwy, Kershaw524936-8
          ANDREWS ELEMENTARY13072 County Line Rd., 33800PK-5
          ANDREWS HIGH12890 County Line Road, 246249-12
          ANGEL OAK ELEMENTARY6134 Chisolm Road, Kiawah Island23379PK-5
          ANNIE BURNSIDE ELEMENTARY7300 Patterson Road, 20271PK-5
          APPLIED TECHNOLOGY CENTER2399 West Main Street, -1,8279-12
          APPLIED TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION CENTER874 Vocational Lane, Camden-8439-12
          ARCADIA ELEMENTARY375 Spring Street, Arcadia25402PK-5
          ARDEN ELEMENTARY1300 Ashley Street, 26310PK-5
          ARMSTRONG ELEMENTARY8601 White Horse Road, Berea24469PK-5
          ASHLEY RIDGE HIGH9800 Delemar Highway, 791,5849-12
          ASHLEY RIVER CREATIVE ARTS1871 Wallace School Road, Charleston92589K-5
          AUGUSTA CIRCLE ELEMENTARY100 Winyah Street, 88480K-5
          AYNOR ELEMENTARY516 Jordanville Road, Aynor67705PK-5
          AYNOR HIGH201 Jordanville Highway, 727089-12
          AYNOR MIDDLE400 Frye Road, Aynor616146-8
          B D LEE ELEMENTARY401 Overbrook Drive, 12396PK-5
          B J SKELTON CAREER CENTER1400 Griffin Mill Rd, Arial-1,10210-12
          B-C GRAMMAR NUMBER 1 ELEMENTARY114 Hook Avenue, West Columbia53382K-5
          BALLENTINE ELEMENTARY1040 Bickley Road, Columbia98742K-5
          BAMBERG-EHRHARDT HIGH267 Red Raider Drive, Bamberg264769-12
          BAMBERG-EHRHARDT MIDDLE897 North St., Bamberg693156-8
          BAPTIST HILL HIGH5117 Baptist Hill Road, Hollywood154147-12
          BARNWELL COUNTY CAREER CENTER5214 Reynolds Road, -4149-12
          BARNWELL ELEMENTARY10524 Marlboro Ave., Barnwell155754-6
          BARNWELL HIGH474 Jackson Street, Barnwell456969-12
          BARNWELL PRIMARY734 Hagood Ave., Barnwell21782PK-3
          BARON DEKALB ELEMENTARY2684 Baron DeKalb Rd., 54188PK-5
          BATES MIDDLE715 Estate Street, 527076-8
          BATESBURG-LEESVILLE ELEMENTARY403 S Lee St, Summit404493-5
          BATESBURG-LEESVILLE HIGH600 Summerland Ave., Batesburg-Leesville505569-12
          BATESBURG-LEESVILLE MIDDLE425 Shealy Road, 554276-8
          BATESBURG-LEESVILLE PRIMARY800 Summerland Avenue, -570PK-2
          BATTERY CREEK HIGH1 Blue Dolphin Drive, 248509-12
          BEAUFORT ELEMENTARY1800 Prince Street, 55621PK-5
          BEAUFORT HIGH84 Sea Island Parkway, 491,5949-12
          BEAUFORT MIDDLE2501 Mossy Oaks Road, 686456-8
          BECK ACADEMY901 Woodruff Road, Greenville821,0846-8
          BEECH HILL ELEMENTARY1001 Beech Hill Road, 941,098PK-5
          BEECH SPRINGS INTERMEDIATE200 S Danzler Road, 615895-6
          BELL STREET MIDDLE600 Peachtree Street, Clinton346856-8
          BELL'S CROSSING ELEMENTARY804 Scuffletown Road, Five Forks841,210K-5
          BELLE HALL ELEMENTARY385 Egypt Road, Charleston96813PK-5
          BELLEVIEW ELEMENTARY501 Belleview Rd., Catawba58429PK-5
          BELLS ELEMENTARY12088 Bells Highway, 22367PK-5
          BELTON ELEMENTARY202 Watkins Street, Anderson714793-5
          BELTON MIDDLE102 Cherokee Road, 734866-8
          BELTON-HONEA PATH HIGH11000 Belton-Honea Path Highway, 601,0509-12
          BELVEDERE ELEMENTARY201 Rhomboid Place, 52640PK-5
          BEN HAZEL PRIMARY628 Railroad Ave. West, Hampton39333PK-3
          BENNETTSVILLE ELEMENTARY801 Country Club Dr., 94593-5
          BENNETTSVILLE MIDDLE701 Cheraw Street, 173636-8
          BENNETTSVILLE PRIMARY301 Jefferson Street, -515PK-2
          BEREA ELEMENTARY100 Berea Drive, Berea24432K-5
          BEREA HIGH201 Burdine Drive, 261,0529-12
          BEREA MIDDLE151 Berea Middle School Road, Berea337566-8
          BERKELEY COUNTY MIDDLE COLLEGE1001 South Live Oak Drive, -7411-12
          BERKELEY ELEMENTARY715 Highway 6, Goose Creek-661PK-2
          BERKELEY HIGH406 West Main Street, Goose Creek421,3079-12
          BERKELEY INTERMEDIATE777 Stoney Landing Rd., Goose Creek616183-5
          BERKELEY MIDDLE320 North Live Oak Drive, Goose Creek481,1356-8
          BERRY SHOALS INTERMEDIATE300 Shoals Road, 855485-6
          BETHANY ELEMENTARY337 Maynard Grayson Road, 87280PK-5
          BETHEL ELEMENTARY111 Bethel School Road, 871,032K-5
          BETHEL ELEMENTARY6000 Hwy. 55 East, Clover75375PK-5
          BETHEL-HANBERRY ELEMENTARY125 Boney Road, 83628PK-5
          BETHUNE ELEMENTARY302 Norwood St. East, Bethune37112PK-5
          BETHUNE-BOWMAN ELEMENTARY4857 Charleston HWY, Rowesville19348PK-5

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