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        1. Schools in Oregon

          NameAddressRatingEnrollmentGrade span
          A C Houghton Elementary School1105 N Main Ave, Irrigon56339P-4
          Abernethy Elementary School2421 SE Orange Ave, Portland84342K-5
          Abraham Lincoln Elementary School3101 McLoughlin Dr, Medford91524K-6
          Abraham Lincoln Steps School2323 Siskiyou Blvd, Medford8413K-2
          Academy For Character Education School, -62K-12
          Academy Of Alternatives School18201 SE Stark St, Portland-29
          Academy Of Arts And Academics School611 Main St, Springfield281129-11
          Academy Of International Studies (At Woodburn) School1785 N Front St, Woodburn-3369-12
          Access Altenative Program - Portland School4013 NE 18th Ave, Portland-831-6
          Ace-Alternative Class For Education School755 S 7th St, Coos Bay-111
          Ackerman Middle School350 SE 13th Ave, Canby634176-8
          Adams Elementary School1615 SW 35th St, Corvallis90447K-5
          Adams Elementary School950 W 22nd Ave, Eugene83202K-5
          Adel Elementary School18286 Twenty Mile Rd, Adel86154-8
          Adrian Elementary School202 High St, Adrian62146K-8
          Adrian High School305 Owyhee St, Adrian22969-12
          Adult Living Program School, 5721-
          Adult Transition Program School1903 SE Oak Grove Blvd, Milwaukie-29-
          Adult Transition School740 S 2nd, Coos Bay-131-12
          Agnes Stewart Middle School900 S 32nd St, Springfield417076-8
          Agness Elementary School03925 Cougar Ln, Agness325K-4
          Aiken Elementary School1297 W Idaho Ave, Ontario22255K-5
          Aims-Alterntaive Instruction For Middle School755 S 7th St, Coos Bay-46-8
          Ainsworth Elementary School2425 SW Vista Ave, Portland96493K-5
          Al Kennedy Alternative High School1310 S 8th, Cottage Grove3749-12
          Alameda Elementary School1252 Alameda Dr, Ontario20349K-5
          Alameda Elementary School2732 NE Fremont St, Portland92697K-5
          Albany Options School1005 Springhill Dr NW, Albany9707-12
          Alberta Rider Elementary School14850 SW 132nd Ter, Tigard85547K-5
          Albertina Kerr/Pace School, -276-12
          Albina Youth Opportunity Center School, -549-12
          Alder Creek Middle School13801 SE Webster Rd, Milwaukie486917-8
          Alder Creek Program - Leep School13801 SE Webster Rd, Milwaukie-76-8
          Alder Elementary School17200 SE Alder St, Portland16558K-5
          Alice Ott Middle School12500 SE Ramona St, Portland376996-8
          Allen Dale Elementary School2320 Williams Hwy, Grants Pass69428K-5
          Alliance Charter Academy School1404 7th St, Oregon City-263K-12
          Alliance High School4039 NE Alberta Ct, Portland22929-12
          Aloha High School18550 SW Kinnaman Rd, Beaverton472,0549-12
          Aloha-Huber Park School5000 SW 173rd St, Beaverton301,013P-8
          Alpha High School876 NE 8th St, Gresham71638-12
          Alsea Elementary School, 1676K-6
          Alsea High School, 43657-12
          Altamont Elementary School2450 Summers Ln, Klamath Falls54269K-6
          Alternative Education Programs School525 Mill St, Springfield30187-12
          Alternative Youth Activities Inc School295 S 10th St, Coos Bay-219-12
          Alternative Youth Activities Inc School790 W 17th St, Coquille-109-12
          Amity Creek Elementary School437 NW Wall St, Bend83171K-5
          Amity Elementary School300 Rice Ln, Amity21355K-5
          Amity High School503 Oak Ave, Amity332749-12
          Amity Middle School115 Church St, Amity221856-8
          Annex Elementary School402 Annex Rd, Ontario1274K-12
          Antonia Crater Elementary School203 W Foothills Dr, Newberg93456K-5
          Applegate Elementary School14188 Hwy 238, Applegate76115K-8
          Applegate Elementary School85955 Territorial Rd, Eugene74107K-6
          Arata Creek School2470 SW Halsey, Troutdale-282-12
          Archer Glen Elementary School16155 SW Sunset Blvd, Sherwood89672K-5
          Ardenwald Elementary School8950 SE 36th Ave, Milwaukie32248K-6
          Ardenwald Leep School8950 SE 36th Ave, Milwaukie-6K-2
          Arleta Elementary School5109 SE 66th Ave, Portland39387K-7
          Arlington Elementary School1400 Main St, Arlington6978K-8
          Arlington High School1200 Main St, Arlington20379-12
          Armadillo Technical Institute School106 Rose St, Phoenix141166-12
          Armand Larive Middle School199 E Ridgeway Ave, Hermiston454576-8
          Arthur Academy School13717 SE Division St, Portland57149K-5
          Arts & Communication High School11375 SW Center St, Beaverton893059-12
          Arts & Communication Middle Magnet School11375 SW Center St, Beaverton942436-8
          Arts & Technology Charter High School8502 SW Main St Ste 100, Wilsonville70809-12
          Arts And Technology Academy At Jefferson School1650 W 22nd Ave, Eugene-304K-8
          Arts, Communication & Technology School6941 N Central St, Portland152799-12
          Ash Creek Intermediate School1360 N 16th St, Monmouth354531-6
          Ashland High School201 S Mountain Ave, Ashland811,0669-12
          Ashland Middle School100 Walker Ave, Ashland916235-8
          Ashwood Elementary School, 9622-4
          Astor Elementary School5601 N Yale St, Portland76381K-7
          Astor Elementary School3550 Franklin Ave, Astoria554011-3
          Astoria Middle School1100 Klaskanine Ave, Astoria473036-8
          Astoria Senior High School1001 W Marine Dr, Astoria437429-12
          Athena Elementary School, 61175K-3
          Athey Creek Middle School2900 SW Borland Rd, West Linn965656-8
          Atkinson Elementary School5800 SE Division St, Portland49524K-5
          Auburn Elementary School4612 Auburn Rd NE, Salem24666K-5
          Aumsville Elementary School572 N 11th St, Aumsville44587K-5
          Autism 河北福彩快三开奖结果 School, -631P-12
          Awbrey Park Elementary School158 Spring Creek Dr, Eugene53451K-5
          Azalea Middle School505 Pacific Ave, Brookings424056-8
          Bailey Hill Instructional Center School2295 Four Oaks Grange Rd, Eugene-68-9
          Baker Charter School999 Locust St NE, Salem69121K-4
          Baker County Education Center School914 Front St, Haines-238-12
          Baker High School2500 E St, Baker City616589-12
          Baker Middle School2320 Washington Ave, Baker City493327-8
          Baker Prairie Middle School1859 SE Township Rd, Canby634936-8
          Ballston Community School9015 DeJong Rd, Amity550K-12
          Bandon Senior High School550 9th St SW, Bandon522759-12
          Banks Elementary School42350 NW Trellis Way, Banks61575K-6
          Banks High School450 S Main St, Banks484189-12
          Banks Junior High School450 S Main St, Banks682137-8
          Barnes Elementary School13730 SW Walker Rd, Beaverton43621K-5
          Beach Elementary School1710 N Humboldt St, Portland25426P-8
          Bear Creek Elementary School51 SE 13th St, Bend65576K-5

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