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        1. Schools in Ohio

          NameAddressRatingEnrollmentGrade span
          A J Jordak Elementary SchoolPO Box 188, Middlefield68520K-3
          A+ Arts Academy School270 S Napoleon Ave, Columbus381406-8
          A. I. Root Middle School333 W Sturbridge Dr, Medina848106-8
          Academy For Multilingual Immersion Studies School7001 Reading Rd, Cincinnati13491P,K-8
          Academy Of Arts And Humanities School261 Elm Rd NE, Warren3242K-12
          Academy Of Arts And Sciences School201 W Erie Ave, Lorain24126K-12
          Academy Of Business & Tech School2436 Parkwood Ave, Toledo-188K,1-8,SN
          Academy Of Cleveland School9114 Miles Park Ave, Cleveland-112SN,K-6
          Academy Of Columbus School4656 Heaton Rd, Columbus8347K-8
          Academy Of Dayton School4095 Little Richmond Rd, Trotwood6116K,1-8,SN
          Academy Of World Languages Elementary School2030 Fairfax Ave, Cincinnati8558P,K-8
          Ada Elementary School435 Grand Ave, Ada70506K-6
          Ada High School435 Grand Ave, Ada664137-12
          Adams Elementary School450 S F St, Hamilton-489K-6
          Adams Junior High School318 Columbus Ave, Sandusky294507-8
          Adamsville Elementary School7950 East St, Adamsville65264K-6
          Addaville Elementary School1333 Brick School Rd, Gallipolis86329K-5
          Adena Elementary School3367 County Road 550, Frankfort42581K-5
          Adena Elementary School9316 Minuteman Way, West Chester827432-6
          Adena High School3367 County Road 550, Frankfort633419-12
          Adena Middle School3367 County Road 550, Frankfort452946-8
          Adlai Stevenson School3938 Jo Ann Dr, Cleveland2258K-8
          Adrian Elementary School1071 河北福彩快三开奖结果stead Rd, South Euclid55318K-3
          Aefer Middle School147 S Fostoria Ave, Springfield112767-8
          Aiken College And Career High School5641 Belmont Ave, Cincinnati687449-12
          Aiken University High School5641 Belmont Ave, Cincinnati11390K-12
          Akron Alternative Academy School123 S Forge St, Akron352929-12
          Akron Digital Academy School335 S Main St, Akron7734K-12
          Albert B Hart School3901 E 74th St, Cleveland-308K-8
          Albert Chapman Elementary School8450 Sawmill Rd, Powell75499K-5,P
          Albion Elementary School9360 Albion Rd, North Royalton953511-4
          Albion Middle School11109 Webster Rd, Strongsville835257-8
          Alcott Elementary School7117 Mount Royal Ave, Westerville87666K-5
          Alden R Brown Elementary School310 Jamaica Rd, Carlisle-356K-2
          Alexander Elementary School6105 School Road, Albany41784K-5,P
          Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School1455 Huy Rd, Columbus-62K-1,P
          Alexander Graham Bell School11815 Larchmere Blvd, Cleveland13394P,K-8
          Alexander High School6125 School Rd, Albany685119-12
          Alexander Middle School6115 School Road, Albany543816-8
          Allen East Elementary School9105 Harding Hwy, Harrod72714K-6
          Allen East High School9105 Harding Hwy, Harrod524697-12
          Allen East Primary Elementary School9105 Harding Hwy, Harrod-470K-3
          Allen Elementary School4865 N Genoa Clay Center Rd, Curtice593143-5
          Allen Elementary School1326 Sherrick Rd SE, Canton11346K-6
          Allen Elementary School174 Plyleys Ln, Chillicothe68316K-5
          Allen Elementary School16400 Park Lane Dr, Strongsville89507K-6
          Alliance Academy Of Cincinnati School1712 Duck Creek Rd, Cincinnati9395K-8
          Alliance Academy Of Toledo School1501 Monroe St Ste 2ND, Toledo-325K-12
          Alliance Early Learning At South Lincoln School285 W Oxford St, Alliance-248-
          Alliance High School400 Glamorgan St, Alliance448719-12
          Alliance Middle School3205 S Union Ave, Alliance445886-8
          Allied Health Academy School3301 Upton Ave, Toledo7539-12
          Almira School3575 W 130th St, Cleveland13374K-8
          Alpha School2546 Hillman St, Youngstown-2057-8
          Alpine Elementary School1590 Alpine Dr, Columbus75492K-5
          Alternative Education Academy School1830 Adams St, Toledo171,799K-12
          Alternative High School150 W 5th St, Mansfield-727-12
          Alternative High School416 Arthur St, Ashland-519-12
          Alton Darby Elementary School2730 Alton Darby Creek Rd, Hilliard71480K-5
          Alton Hall Elementary School1000 Alton Rd, Galloway48534K-4
          Alum Creek Elementary School2515 Parklawn Dr, Lewis Center91640K-5
          Alum Crest High School2200 Winslow Dr, Columbus-1299-12
          Amanda Elementary School1300 Oxford State Rd, Middletown4410K-5,P
          Amanda-Clearcreek Community School414 N School St, Amanda-123-
          Amanda-Clearcreek Elementary School328 E Main St, Amanda644103-5
          Amanda-Clearcreek High School328 E Main St, Amanda745859-12
          Amanda-Clearcreek Middle School328 E Main St, Amanda703886-8
          Amanda-Clearcreek Primary School414 N School St, Amanda-407K-2
          Amelia Elementary School5 E Main St, Amelia72658K-5
          Amelia High School1351 Clough Pike, Batavia851,1099-12
          Amelia Middle School1341 Clough Pike, Batavia779506-8
          Amesville Elementary SchoolPO Box 189, Amesville28314K-5
          Amherst Elementary School8750 Jane St NW, Massillon90483K-5
          Amherst Junior High School548 Milan Ave, Amherst786387-8
          Amity Elementary School4320 E Galbraith Rd, Cincinnati742954-6
          Amos Mcdannel Elementary School210 38th St SE, Canton-277K-1
          Anderson High School7560 Forest Rd, Cincinnati971,3029-12
          Andrew J Rickoff School3500 E 147th St, Cleveland2513P,K-8
          Ann Simpson Davis Middle School2400 Sutter Pkwy, Dublin828756-8
          Anna Elementary SchoolPO Box 169, Anna92565K-5
          Anna High SchoolPO Box 169, Anna953936-12
          Anna Middle SchoolPO Box 169, Anna882686-8
          Annehurst Elementary School925 W Main St, Westerville81327K-5
          Ansonia Elementary SchoolPO Box 279, Ansonia60349K-6
          Ansonia High SchoolPO Box 279, Ansonia852129-12
          Ansonia Middle SchoolPO Box 279, Ansonia74867-8
          Anthony Wayne Elementary School16 Farm Ave, Franklin612541-6
          Anthony Wayne Elementary School1745 S Clinton St, Defiance-328K-4
          Anthony Wayne High School5967 Finzel Rd, Whitehouse921,3299-12
          Anthony Wayne Junior High School6035 Finzel Rd, Whitehouse887227-8
          Anton Grdina School3050 E 77th St, Cleveland2419P,K-8
          Antwerp Local Elementary School303 S. Harrmann Rd, Antwerp79359K-6
          Antwerp Local High School303 S. Harrmann Rd, Antwerp922319-12
          Antwerp Local Middle School303 S. Harrmann Rd, Antwerp80987-8
          Apex Academy School16005 Terrace Rd, Cleveland2619K-8
          Apple Creek Elementary School173 W Main St, Apple Creek80429K-6,P
          Applewood Elementary School3891 Applewood Dr, Brunswick80433K-5
          Arcadia Elementary School19033 State Route 12, Arcadia83291K-6
          Arcadia High School19033 State Route 12, Arcadia931889-12
          Arcadia Middle School19033 State Route 12, Arcadia77937-8

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