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        1. Schools in Missouri

          NameAddressRatingEnrollmentGrade span
          5th And 6th Grade Center School100 Twitty Dr, Sikeston425785-6
          7th And 8th Grade Center School510 Lindenwood Ave, Sikeston176497-8
          A. D. Stowell Elementary School700 Fulton Ave, Hannibal49290PK-5
          A. J. Martin Elementary School510 Wilkinson, East Prairie833383-6
          Academie Lafayette School6903 Oak, Kansas City83407K-8
          Academy Of Kansas City School2015 E 72nd St, Kansas City-322K-8
          Ace At Southeast 6-9 School6410 Swope Pkwy, Kansas City-2566-9
          Ace At Southeast Elementary School6410 Swope Pkwy, Kansas City--PK-5
          Ackerman School1550 Derhake Rd, Florissant79145K-8
          Adair Co. Elementary School205 W Dewey, Brashear84128K-6
          Adair Co. Elementary School600 Rombauer Ave, Novinger37155K-6
          Adair Co. High School600 Rombauer Ave, Novinger521387-12
          Adair Co. High School205 W Dewey, Brashear781217-12
          Adams Elementary School1311 Tower Grove Ave, St Louis1335PK-6
          Adams-Dieterich Elementary School315 N Jefferson, Carrollton59383K-4
          Adrian Elementary School601 N Houston, Adrian57383K-6
          Adrian Jr.-Sr. High School601 N Houston, Adrian573387-12
          Advance Elementary School33790 State Hwy 91 North, Advance79215K-6
          Advance High School201 E School St, Advance492007-12
          Affton High School8309 Mackenzie Rd, St Louis418659-12
          Airport Elementary School8249 Airport Rd, St Louis12321K-6
          Albany High School101 W Jefferson St, Albany391699-12
          Albany Middle School101 W Jefferson St, Albany631106-8
          Alexander Doniphan Elementary School1900 Clay Dr, Liberty100424K-5
          Alexander Elementary School515 N Elm, Slater46250PK-8
          Alfred L. Renner Elementary School7401 NW Barry Rd, Kansas City66460K-5
          Allen Village School706 W 42nd St, Kansas City8424K-8
          Alma Rader Elementary School1360 Randol, Cape Girardeau76311K-4
          Alta Vista Charter School1722 Holly St, Kansas City111739-12
          Altenburg Elementary SchoolHwy A, Altenburg71101K-8
          Alton Elementary SchoolRte 2 Box 2181, Alton47386K-6
          Alton High SchoolRte 2 Box 2180, Alton383877-12
          Amazonia Elementary School845 6th St, Amazonia18139K-6
          Ames Visual/Perf. Arts School2900 Hadley, St Louis4263PK-5
          Anderson Elementary School512 Chapman St, Anderson56808K-6
          Anderson Middle School135 Mustang Dr, Anderson--7-8
          Ann Hawkins Gentry Middle School4200 Bethel St, Columbia727476-7
          Antioch Middle School2100 NE 65th St, Kansas City827756-8
          Antonia Elementary School3901 Hwy M, Imperial79502K-6
          Appleton City Elementary School408 W 4th, Appleton City49176K-6
          Appleton City High School408 W 4th, Appleton City211947-12
          Arcadia Valley Career Tech Center School650 Park Dr, Ironton--9-12
          Arcadia Valley Elementary School700 Park Dr, Ironton68435PK-4
          Arcadia Valley High School520 Park Dr, Ironton423739-12
          Arcadia Valley Middle School550 Park Dr, Ironton423265-8
          Archie High School302 W State Rte A, Archie353216-12
          Armstrong Elementary School6255 Howdershell Rd, Hazelwood36461K-5
          Arrowpoint Elementary School2017 Arrowpoint Dr, St Louis9654K-5
          Ash Grove Elementary School100 N Maple Ln, Ash Grove73321PK-6
          Ash Grove High School100 N Maple Ln, Ash Grove744217-12
          Ashland Elementary And Br. School3921 N Newstead, St Louis-498PK-6
          Askew Elementary School2630 Topping, Kansas City7246PK-6
          Athena Elementary School3775 Athena School Rd, Desoto50635K-6
          Atlanta Elementary School600 S Atterberry, Atlanta93118K-6
          Atlanta High School600 S Atterberry, Atlanta481057-12
          Attucks Elementary School2400 Prospect, Kansas City10316PK-6
          Augusta Elementary School5541 Locust St, Augusta69168PK-6
          Aurora High School305 W Prospect St, Aurora665589-12
          Aurora Junior High School500 W Olive, Aurora513217-8
          Auxvasse Elementary School650 E Harrison, Auxvasse44383PK-8
          Ava Elementary School507 NE 3rd St, Ava37522PK-4
          Ava High School507 NE 3rd St, Ava445049-12
          Ava Middle School507 NE 3rd St, Ava554315-8
          Avenue City Elementary School18069 Hwy 169, Cosby95137K-8
          Avery Elementary School909 Bompart Ave, St Louis95440K-5
          Avilla Elementary School400 Sarcoxie St, Avilla31164K-8
          B. Banneker Academy School8310 Holmes Rd, Kansas City-159K-8
          B. Banneker Elementary School7050 Askew, Kansas City3314PK-6
          Babler Elementary School1955 Shepard Rd, Glencoe85633K-5
          Baden Elementary School5814 Thekla, St Louis-308PK-6
          Bailey Educational Center School501 W Central, Springfield--9-12
          Bakersfield Elementary School1201 0 Hwy, Bakersfield9200PK-5
          Bakersfield High School1201 0 Hwy, Bakersfield271906-12
          Ballard Elementary SchoolRte 1 Box 497, Butler8275K-6
          Ballard High SchoolRte 1 Box 497, Butler71587-12
          Ballwin Elementary School400 Jefferson, Ballwin63509K-5
          Baptiste/Management School5401 E 103rd St, Kansas City627K-12
          Barbara Jordan Elementary School1500 N 82nd St, University City6313K-6
          Barnwell Middle School1035 Jungs Station Rd, St Charles738646-8
          Barretts Elementary School1780 Carman Rd, Manchester97453K-5
          Barrington Elementary School15600 Old Halls Ferry Rd, Florissant38470K-5
          Barry School2001 NW 87th Terr, Kansas City66554PK-8
          Bartley Elementary School603 S Bus 54, Fulton78241K-5
          Bayless Elementary School4530 Weber Rd, St Louis-376PK-2
          Bayless Intermediate School4530 Weber Rd, St Louis454783-6
          Bayless Junior High School4530 Weber Rd, St Louis422357-8
          Bayless Sr. High School4532 Weber Rd, St Louis435289-12
          Beasley Elementary School3131 Koch Rd, St Louis60363K-5
          Beaufort Elementary SchoolHwy 50 West, Union78414K-6
          Beaumont High School3836 Natural Bridge Ave, St Louis-1,2189-12
          Becky-David Elementary School1155 Jungs Station Rd, St Charles84957K-5
          Bel-Nor Elementary School3101 Nordic Dr, St Louis42461-3
          Bel-Ridge Elementary School8930 Boston Ave, St Louis42394-6
          Belair Elementary School701 Belair, Jefferson City77494K-5
          Belgrade Elementary School18437 Delbridge Rd, Belgrade-93K-2
          Bell City Elementary School25254 Walnut St, Bell City99105K-6
          Bell City High School25254 Walnut St, Bell City611497-12
          Belle Elementary School402 W Third, Belle46370K-5
          Belle High School504 W Third, Belle232739-12
          Bellerive Elementary School620 Rue De Fleur Dr, Creve Coeur80428K-5

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