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        1. Schools in Kansas

          NameAddressRatingEnrollmentGrade span
          21st Century Learning Academy Charter Element School200 S. MAIN, Mullinville100201-8
          21st Century Learning Academy Charter High School200 S. MAIN, Mullinville1001779-12
          Abe Hubert Middle School1205 A STREET, Garden City655017-8
          Abilene Elementary School522 N ABILENE, Valley Center59368K-3
          Abilene High School1300 N CEDAR, Abilene475409-12
          Abilene Middle School500 NORTHWEST 14TH, Abilene643786-8
          Adams Elementary School1201 N 10TH, Arkansas City78284PK-5
          Adams Elementary School1002 N OLIVER, Wichita40367PK-5
          Admire Elementary School100 E. 1ST STREET, Admire62124K-8
          Alcott Academy School3400 E MURDOCK, Wichita-567-9
          Allen Elementary School1881 S ELPYCO, Wichita21487PK-5
          Allison Traditional Magnet Middle School221 S SENECA, Wichita785216-8
          Alma Grade School215 E 9TH, Alma70113K-6
          Almena Elementary School512 W BRYANT, Almena7285PK-4
          Alta Brown Elementary School1110 EAST PINE, Garden City51396PK-4
          Altamont Elementary School705 E 6TH STREET, Altamont67216K-8
          Altoona-Midway Elementary School118 W 9TH, Altoona3089PK-5
          Altoona-Midway High School20704 US 75 HWY, Buffalo151159-12
          Altoona-Midway Middle School9TH & RIVER STREET, Altoona23586-8
          Amanda Arnold Elementary School1435 HUDSON, Manhattan77418PK-6
          Amelia Earhart Elementary School19201 W. 23RD STREET SOUTH, Goddard62509K-4
          Americus Elementary School800 8TH STREET, Americus74177K-8
          Andale Elem-Middle School500 WEST RUSH, Andale75319PK-8
          Andale High School700 WEST RUSH, Andale494692-12
          Anderson County Junior/Senior High School1100 WEST HIGHWAY 31, Garnett135167-12
          Anderson Elementary School2945 VICTORIA, Wichita29545K-5
          Andover Central High School603 E. CENTRAL, Andover237159-12
          Andover Central Middle School903 E. CENTRAL, Andover665306-8
          Andover High School1744 N ANDOVER RD, Andover356889-12
          Andover Middle School1628 N ANDOVER RD, Andover595516-8
          Anthony Elementary School570 EVERGREEN, Leavenworth5274PK-5
          Anthony Elementary School215 S SPRINGFIELD, Anthony69340PK-8
          Antioch Middle School8200 W 71ST ST, Shawnee Mission414777-8
          Apache Elementary School8910 GODDARD, Shawnee Mission62354K-6
          Appanoose Elementary School600 SHAWNEE RD, Pomona65177PK-8
          Arbor Creek Elementary School16150 S BROUGHAM, Olathe66666PK-6
          Argentine Middle School2123 RUBY AVENUE, Kansas City155286-8
          Argonia Elementary School202 ALLEN, Argonia7396PK-6
          Argonia High School504 N PINE, Argonia611037-12
          Arkansas City High School1200 W RADIO LANE, Arkansas City18469-12
          Arkansas City Middle School400 E KANSAS AVE, Arkansas City426586-8
          Arrowhead Middle School1715 N 82ND STREET, Kansas City374496-8
          Ashland Elementary School210 W 7TH, Ashland7499PK-6
          Ashland High School311 CLIPPER, Ashland37809-12
          Ashland Upper School311 CLIPPER, Ashland73367-8
          Atchison Co Community High School908 TIGER, Effingham242289-12
          Atchison Co Community Middle School607 8TH STREET, Effingham552295-8
          Atchison Elementary School825 N 17TH STREET, Atchison39809K-5
          Atchison High School1500 W. RILEY ST, Atchison124549-12
          Atchison Middle School301 N 5TH, Atchison443536-8
          Attica High School718 N MAIN, Attica2509-12
          Auburn Elementary School810 N COMMERCIAL, Auburn61418K-6
          Augusta Middle School1001 STATE ST, Augusta444635-8
          Augusta Senior High School2020 OHIO, Augusta-7179-12
          Avenue A Elementary School111 S MADISON, Hutchinson57215K-7
          Avondale East Elementary School455 SE GOLF PARK BLVD, Topeka91216PK-5
          Avondale West Elementary School3229 SW WESTVIEW AVE, Topeka98265PK-5
          Axtell High School504 PINE STREET, Axtell66907-12
          Baileyville-St. Benedict High School313 NEMAHA STREET, Baileyville951107-12
          Baldwin Elementary Intermediate Center School200 BULLPUP DRIVE, Baldwin City742293-5
          Baldwin Elementary Primary School700 CHAPEL, Baldwin City63236PK-5
          Baldwin High School415 EISENHOWER, Baldwin City374099-12
          Baldwin Junior High School400 EISENHOWER, Baldwin City603296-8
          Banneker Elementary School2026 N 4TH STREET, Kansas City15370K-5
          Bartlett Elementary School201 W 2ND, Bartlett58137K-8
          Basehor Elementary School15602 LEAVENWORTH RD, Basehor61583K-6
          Basehor-Linwood High School2108 NORTH 155 STREET, Basehor638179-12
          Basehor-Linwood Middle School215 PARK STREET, Linwood573567-8
          Baxter Springs High School100 N MILITARY, Baxter Springs66262K-12
          Baxter Springs Middle School1520 CLEVELAND, Baxter Springs772156-8
          Beech Elementary School1830 S CYPRESS, Wichita47463PK-5
          Beeson Elementary School1700 W BEESON RD, Dodge City57331K-5
          Belinder Elementary School7230 BELINDER RD, Shawnee Mission69398K-6
          Belle Plaine Elementary School614 N MERCHANT, Belle Plaine41329PK-5
          Belle Plaine High School822 N MERCHANT, Belle Plaine302629-12
          Belle Plaine Middle School724 N MERCHANT, Belle Plaine511786-8
          Belleville East Elementary School1800 O STREET, Belleville-154K-4
          Belleville High School24TH & P STREETS, Belleville-1659-12
          Belleville Middle School915 18TH STREET, Belleville-1365-8
          Beloit Elementary School1201 N BELL, Beloit69395PK-6
          Beloit Jr-Sr High School1711 N WALNUT, Beloit573597-12
          Bennington Elementary School223 N. PUTNAM, Bennington72299PK-8
          Bennington High School301 N. PUTNAM, Bennington431579-12
          Bentley Primary School221 N PHELPS, Bentley50229K-3
          Benton Elementary School350 S KANSAS ST, Benton72291K-8
          Benton Elementary School338 S WOODCHUCK LN, Wichita68402PK-5
          Bentwood Elementary School13000 BOND ST, Overland Park70535PK-6
          Bern Elementary School416 JILSON ST, Bern8667PK-6
          Bern High School416 JILSON STREET, Bern79777-12
          Bernadine Sitts Intermediate Center School3101 N BELMONT, Garden City805205-6
          Berryton Elementary School2921 SE 69TH STREET, Berryton73372PK-6
          Bert Nash Intermediate School1900 NORTH 2ND, Atchison100486-12
          Bertram Caruthers Elementary School1100 WAVERLY, Kansas City17227K-5
          Bethel Elementary School7850 YECKER, Kansas City28196K-5
          Bickerdyke Elementary School348 N MAPLE, Russell631883-5
          Black Bob Elementary School14701 S BROUGHAM DR, Olathe69480PK-6
          Black Traditional Magnet Elementary School1045 HIGH, Wichita47333K-5
          Blue Mound Elementary School303 S 3RD STREET, Blue Mound7225K-6
          Blue Ridge Elementary School1539 HWY 18, Abilene5959K-5
          Blue River Elementary School5101 W 163RD TERRACE, Overland Park69587PK-5

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