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        1. Schools in Illinois

          NameAddressRatingEnrollmentGrade span
          21st Century Preparatory Center School240 S Orchard Dr, Park Forest-242PK-3
          A B Shepard High (Campus) School13049 S Ridgeland Av, Palos Heights451,9089-12
          A C Thompson Elementary School4949 Marion Ave, Rockford-330K-5
          A F Ames Elementary School86 Southcote Rd, Riverside-306K-5
          A J Katzenmaier Elementary School1829 Kennedy Dr, North Chicago-376K-5
          A O Marshall Elementary School319 Harwood St, Joliet-820K-5
          A R Graiff Elementary SchoolPO Box 400, Livingston-112PK-4
          A Vito Martinez Middle School590 Belmont Dr, Romeoville-7676-8
          A-C Central Elementary SchoolPO Box 260, Ashland-224PK-5
          A-C Central High SchoolPO Box 260, Ashland591489-12
          A-C Central Junior High School191 S Bluff St, Chandlerville-1066-8
          Aasta - Orr High School730 N Pulaski Rd, Chicago-4889-12
          Abbott Elementary School3630 S Wells St, Chicago-95K-8
          Abbott Middle School949 Van St, Elgin-5297-8
          Abe Lincoln Elementary School3545 S 61st Ave, Cicero-736K-6
          Abingdon High School600 W Martin St, Abingdon352399-12
          Abingdon Middle School600 W Martin, Abingdon-1906-8
          Abraham Lincoln Elementary School380 Greenfield Ave, Glen Ellyn-624K-5
          Abraham Lincoln Elementary School820 Royal Heights Rd, Belleville-431K-6
          Abraham Lincoln Elementary School1111 S Grove, Oak Park-500K-5
          Abraham Lincoln Middle School1500 Charles St, Rockford-8946-8
          Academy At Icc School1 COLLEGE DR, East Peoria-739-12
          Academy For Learning School13813 WESTERN AVE, Blue Island-2189-12
          Academy For Secondary Education School341 S JOHNSON, Macomb-289-12
          Academy Of Comm & Tech Charter High School2908 W Washington Bl, Chicago22967-12
          Ace Technical Charter High School5410 S State St, Chicago-4629-11
          Adams County Youth 河北福彩快三开奖结果 School200 N 52nd St, Quincy-177-11
          Adams Elementary School2001 Jefferson St, Quincy-278K-3
          Adams Elementary School1311 Nicholson Rd, Lincoln-106PK-2
          Addams Elementary School10810 S Avenue H, Chicago-924PK-8
          Addison Trail High School213 N Lombard Rd, Addison601,8749-12
          Adlai E Stevenson High School1 Stevenson Dr, Lincolnshire1004,4839-12
          Adlai Stevenson Elementary School1414 Armstrong Ln, Elk Grove Village-376PK-6
          Adler Park School1740 N Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville-276K-5
          Adm Richard E Byrd Elementary School265 Wellington Ave, Elk Grove Village-367K-5
          Adolph Link Elementary School900 S West Glenn Trl, Elk Grove Village-519K-6
          Aero Educational Center School7600 S Mason Ave, Burbank-99PK-12
          Afer Elementary School700 E Pleasant Ln, Lombard-553PK-5
          Agassiz Elementary School2851 N Seminary Ave, Chicago-351PK-8
          Akin Comm Cons Elementary School21962 Akin Blacktop, Akin-119PK-8
          Alan B Shepard Elementary School325 N Convent St, Bourbonnais-4951-4
          Alan B Shepard Middle School440 Grove Ave, Deerfield-5386-8
          Albany Park Multicultural Elementary School4929 N Sawyer Ave, Chicago-2867-8
          Albers Elementary SchoolPO Box 104, Albers-167K-8
          Albert Einstein Elementary School1100 Laurie Ln, Hanover Park-502PK-6
          Albert H Brandt School8901 S 52nd Ave, Oak Lawn-142-
          Albion Grade School361 W Main St, Albion-460PK-8
          Alcott Elementary School2625 N Orchard St, Chicago-465PK-8
          Alden Hebron Elementary School11915 Price Rd, Hebron-232PK-5
          Alden-Hebron High School9604 Illinois St, Hebron521399-12
          Alden-Hebron Middle School9604 Illinois St, Hebron-1136-8
          Aldridge Elementary School630 E 131st St, Chicago-219PK-8
          Aledo High School1500 S College Ave, Aledo722809-12
          Aledo Junior High School1002 S W 6th St, Aledo-2026-8
          Alex M Martino Junior High School731 E Joliet Hwy, New Lenox-6737-8
          Alexander Elementary SchoolPO Box 140, Alexander-772-5
          Algonquin Lakes Elementary School1401 Compton Dr, Algonquin-487K-5
          Algonquin Middle School520 Longwood Dr, Algonquin-5616-8
          Algonquin Middle School767 E Algonquin Rd, Des Plaines-6886-8
          Algonquin Primary Cntr School170 Algonquin St, Park Forest-201PK-2
          Algonquin Road Elementary School975 Algonquin Rd, Fox River Grove-313K-4
          Alhambra Primary School302 W Main St, Alhambra-138PK-2
          Alice Gustafson Elementary School905 Carlisle Rd, Batavia-436K-5
          Allen Junior High SchoolPO Box 470, La Moille-1334-8
          Allendale Elementary SchoolBox 130, Allendale-112PK-8
          Allendale SchoolPO Box 1088, Lake Villa-712-12
          Alta Sita Elementary School2601 Bond Ave, East St Louis-237K-5
          Altamont Grade School407 S Edwards St, Altamont-481K-8
          Altamont High School7 S Ewing St, Altamont622909-12
          Alternative Bd/Ed Elementary School1636 S 10th Ave, Maywood-541-8
          Alternative Bd/Ed High School1636 S 10th Ave, Maywood-1249-12
          Alternative High & Crisis School4400 Grand St, Alorton-2129-12
          Alternative Learning Community High School3663 S Wabash Ave, Chicago-2716-12
          Alternative Middle School2436 KANSAS AVE, East Saint Louis---
          Alternative Middle School2436 Kansas Ave, East St Louis-87-
          Alternative Optional Center School1020 GLEN ROCK AVE, Waukegan-1189-12
          Alternative Resource Center Arc School1111 S Dee Rd, Park Ridge-169-12
          Altgeld Elementary School1340 W 71st St, Chicago-680PK-8
          Alton High School4200 Humbert Rd, Alton412,2349-12
          Alton Middle School2200 College Ave, Alton-1,447-
          Alwood Elementary School101 East A St, Alpha-194PK-5
          Alwood Middle/High School301 E 5th Ave, Woodhull312786-12
          Amandla Elementary Charter School6800 S Stewart Ave, Chicago-101-
          Amboy Central Elementary School30 E Provost St, Amboy-333PK-4
          Amboy High School11 E Hawley St, Amboy653519-12
          Amboy Junior High School140 S Appleton Ave, Amboy-2865-8
          Americana Intermediate School1629 President St, Glendale Heights-4504-5
          Ames Middle School1920 N Hamlin Ave, Chicago-7807-8
          Amos Alonzo Stagg High School8015 W 111th St, Palos Hills742,5289-12
          Amundsen High School5110 N Damen Ave, Chicago111,6119-12
          Andalusia Elementary SchoolPO Box 770, Andalusia-230PK-6
          Andersen H C Elementary Community Academy School1148 N Honore St, Chicago-540PK-8
          Anderson Elementary School35w071 Villa Marie, St Charles-491PK-5
          Anderson S Elementary Community Academy School6315 S CLAREMONT AV, Chicago-2938
          Andrew Cooke Magnet Elementary School522 Belvidere Rd, Waukegan-511K-5
          Anna Junior High School301 S Green St, Anna-2875-8
          Anna Mcdonald Elementary School200 S 2nd, Manhattan-3813-5
          Anna-Jonesboro High School608 S Main St, Anna405879-12
          Annawan Grade School501 W South St, Annawan-305PK-8
          Annawan High School501 W South St, Annawan811149-12

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