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        1. Schools in Delaware

          NameAddressRatingEnrollmentGrade span
          Academy Of Dover Charter School104 SAULSBURY ROAD, Dover5282K-6
          Allen (Richard) School316 SOUTH RAILROAD AVENUE, Georgetown-58K-12
          Appoquinimink Early Childhood Center School502 SOUTH BROAD STREET, Middletown89247PK-K
          Baltimore (Lord) Elementary School252 CLAYTON AVENUE, Frankford96555PK-5
          Baltz (Austin D.) Elementary School1500 SPRUCE AVENUE, Wilmington27623K-5
          Bancroft Intermediate School700 NORTH LOMBARD STREET, Wilmington21854K-6
          Banneker (Benjamin) Elementary School449 NORTH STREET, Milford926371-5
          Bayard Intermediate School200 SOUTH DUPONT STREET, Wilmington321,118K-6
          Baylor Womens Correctional Institution School660 BAYLOR BOULEVARD, New Castle---
          Beacon Middle School19483 JOHN J. WILLIAMS HIGHWAY, Lewes794836-8
          Bedford (Gunning) Middle School801 COX NECK ROAD, New Castle611,2356-8
          Blades Elementary School900 SOUTH ARCH STREET, Blades64468K-5
          Brader (Henry M.) Elementary School107 FOUR SEASONS PARKWAY, Newark88715PK-5
          Brandywine High School1400 FOULK ROAD, Wilmington331,2389-12
          Brandywine Springs Elementary School2916 DUNCAN ROAD, Wilmington94872K-6
          Brandywood Elementary School2115 ANSON ROAD, Wilmington87375K-3
          Brennen School144 BRENNEN DRIVE, Newark48320PK-12
          Brick Mill Elementary School378 BRICK MILL ROAD, Middletown807621-5
          Brittingham (H.O.) Elementary School400 MULBERRY STREET, Milton35487K-5
          Brookside Elementary School800 MARROWS ROAD, Newark40518K-5
          Brown (W. Reily) Elementary School360 WEBBS LANE, Dover85469K-5
          Bush (Charles W.) School101 WHITBY DRIVE, Wilmington-46-
          Caesar Rodney High School239 OLD NORTH ROAD, Camden Wyoming521,9298-12
          Calloway (Cab) Of The Arts School100 NORTH DUPONT ROAD, Wilmington918336-12
          Campus Community School21 NORTH BRADFORD STREET, Dover525711-12
          Cape Henlopen High School1250 KINGS HIGHWAY, Lewes441,1349-12
          Career Opportunities School1270 KINGS HIGHWAY, Lewes---
          Carrcroft Elementary School503 CREST ROAD, Wilmington77405K-3
          Castle Hills Elementary School502 MOORES LANE, New Castle73713K-5
          Cedar Lane Early Childhood Center School1221 CEDAR LANE ROAD, Middletown-303PK-K
          Cedar Lane Elementary School1259 CEDAR LANE ROAD, Middletown976551-5
          Central (The) School1621 TELEGRAPH ROAD, Wilmington-1076-12
          Central Middle School211 DELAWARE AVENUE, Dover281,0017-8
          Charlton (John S.) School278 SORGHUM MILL ROAD, Camden Wyoming96217PK-12
          Charter Of Wilmington School100 NORTH DUPONT ROAD, Wilmington1009499-12
          Chipman (W.T.) Middle School101 WEST CENTER STREET, Harrington626357-8
          Christiana High School190 SALEM CHURCH ROAD, Newark21,5078-12
          Claymont Elementary School3401 GREEN STREET, Claymont618574-6
          Clayton Elementary School510 WEST MAIN STREET, Clayton78476K-4
          Colwyck Elementary School12 LANDERS LANE, New Castle39432K-5
          Commodore Macdonough School1701 SOUTH DUPONT HIGHWAY, St. Georges-676-12
          Community (The) School1621 TELEGRAPH ROAD, Wilmington-387-12
          Concord High School2501 EBRIGHT ROAD, Wilmington351,1549-12
          Conrad Middle School201 JACKSON AVENUE, Wilmington116585-8
          Darley Road Elementary School500 DARLEY ROAD, Claymont14282PK-3
          Delaware Adolescent Program Inc. (Dapi) Kent School185 SOUTH ST., Camden---
          Delaware Adolescent Program Inc. (Dapi) School1600 JESSUP STREET, Wilmington---
          Delaware Adolescent Program Inc. (Dapi) Sussex School22213 LEWES GEORGETOWN HWY, Georgetown---
          Delaware Correctional Center SchoolPO BOX 500, Smyrna---
          Delaware Day Treatment Center (6-13) Dover School103 MONT BLANC BLVD, Dover---
          Delaware Military Academy School112 MIDDLEBORO ROAD, Wilmington675189-12
          Delcastle Technical High School1417 NEWPORT ROAD, Wilmington251,5259-12
          Delmar Middle School200 NORTH EIGHTH STREET, Delmar555076-8
          Delmar Senior High School200 NORTH EIGHTH STREET, Delmar425639-12
          Dickinson (John) High School1801 MILLTOWN ROAD, Wilmington39468-12
          Douglass (Frederick) Elementary School1 SWAIN ROAD, Seaford49452PK-5
          Douglass Alternative School1800 PROSPECT ROAD, Wilmington-1062-12
          Dover Air Force Base Middle School3100 HAWTHORNE DRIVE, Dover921736-8
          Dover High SchoolONE PAT LYNN DRIVE, Dover71,5688-12
          Downes (John R.) Elementary School220 CASHO MILL ROAD, Newark85525K-6
          Downie (Carrie) Elementary School1201 DELAWARE STREET, New Castle28442K-5
          Dunbar (Paul Laurence) Elementary School499 WEST SIXTH STREET, Laurel26333PK-1
          Dupont (Alexis I.) High SchoolGREENVILLE, Wilmington371,3948-12
          Dupont (Alexis I.) Middle School3130 KENNETT PIKE, Greenville155095-8
          Dupont (Alfred I.) Hospital School1600 ROCKLAND ROAD, Wilmington---
          Dupont (H.B.) Middle School735 MEETING HOUSE ROAD, Hockessin888705-8
          Dupont (Pierre S.) Elementary School701 WEST 34TH STREET, Wilmington53800PK-6
          East Dover Elementary School852 SOUTH LITTLE CREEK ROAD, Dover70324PK-4
          East Millsboro Elementary School29346 IRON BRANCH ROAD, Millsboro98700PK-5
          East Side Charter School3000 NORTH CLAYMONT STREET, Wilmington8247K-8
          Edison (Thomas A.) Charter Of Wilmington School2200 NORTH LOCUST STREET, Wilmington34842K-8
          Eisenberg (Harry O.) Elementary School28 LANDERS LANE, New Castle27468K-5
          Elbert-Palmer Intermediate School1210 LOBDELL STREET, Wilmington27269PK-6
          Ennis (Howard T.) School20346 ENNIS ROAD, Georgetown91126PK-12
          Fairview Elementary School700 WALKER ROAD, Dover70378PK-4
          Ferris For Boys School959 CENTRE ROAD, Wilmington---
          Fifer (Fred) Middle School109 EAST CAMDEN-WYOMING AVENUE, Camden788196-8
          First State School501 WEST 14TH STREET, Wilmington-16K-11
          Forest Oak Elementary School55 SOUTH MEADOWOOD DRIVE, Newark89511K-5
          Forwood Elementary School1900 WESTMINSTER DRIVE, Wilmington43339K-3
          Frankford Elementary School30207 FRANKFORD SCHOOL ROAD, Frankford94453PK-5
          Frear (Allen) Elementary School238 SORGHUM MILL ROAD, Camden Wyoming69621K-5
          Gallaher (Robert S.) Elementary School800 BROWNLEAF ROAD, Newark83472K-4
          Gauger-Cobbs Middle School50 GENDER ROAD, Newark329765-8
          Georgetown Elementary School301-A WEST MARKET STREET, Georgetown68581PK-5
          Glasgow High School1901 SOUTH COLLEGE AVENUE, Newark51,4268-12
          Grace And Snowden Cottages School1825 FAULKLAND ROAD, Wilmington---
          Hanby Middle School2523 BERWYN ROAD, Wilmington687017-8
          Harlan (David W.) Elementary School3601 JEFFERSON STREET, Wilmington526124-6
          Hartly Elementary School2617 ARTHURSVILLE ROAD, Hartly94381PK-4
          Henry (William) Middle SchoolCARVER ROAD, Dover448565-6
          Heritage Elementary School2815 HIGHLANDS LANE, Wilmington83471K-5
          Highlands Elementary School2100 GILPIN AVENUE, Wilmington23388K-5
          Hodgson (Paul M.) Vocational Technical High School2575 GLASGOW AVENUE, Newark431,1498-12
          Howard High Of Technology School401 EAST 12TH STREET, Wilmington108639-12
          Howard R. Young Correctional Institution School1301 E. 12TH ST., Wilmington---
          Indian River High School29772 ARMORY ROAD, Dagsboro498048-12
          Jones (Albert H.) Elementary SchoolCHRISTIANA, Newark37412K-4
          Keene (William B.) Elementary School200 LAGRANGE AVENUE, Newark72676K-5
          Kent County Community SchoolCARVER ROAD, Dover-40PK-6

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