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        1. Schools in Colorado

          NameAddressRatingEnrollmentGrade span
          21st Century Charter School525 EAST COSTILLA STREET, Colorado Springs-221K-10
          Abraham Lincoln High School2285 SOUTH FEDERAL BOULEVARD, Denver-1,6059-12
          Abrams Elementary School600 CHILES AVENUE, Fort Carson32612PK-5
          Academia Ana Marie Sandoval School3655 WYANDOT STREET, Denver23415PK-6
          Academy Charter School1551 PRAIRIE HAWK DRIVE, Castle Rock38674K-9
          Academy Endeavour Elementary School3475 HAMPTON PARK DRIVE, Colorado Springs83437PK-5
          Academy International Elementary School8550 CHARITY, Colorado Springs97733PK-5
          Academy Of Charter School11800 LOWELL BLVD, Westminster421,157K-12
          Academy Of Urban Learning School835 EAST 18TH AVENUE, Denver-699-12
          Ace Community Challenge Charter School948 SANTA FE DRIVE, Denver71918-10
          Achieve Academy School9100 POZE BLVD, Thornton-385K-8
          Acres Green Elementary School13524 NORTH ACRES GREEN DRIVE, Littleton77685PK-6
          Acsd 14 Child Care Center School5650 BOWEN COURT, Commerce City-115PK-Full Day K
          Adams City High School4625 EAST 68 AVENUE, Commerce City-1,4289-12
          Adams City Middle School4451 EAST 72ND AVENUE, Commerce City746116-8
          Adams Elementary School6450 WEST 95TH PLACE, Westminster43481PK-6
          Adams Elementary School2101 MANITOBA DRIVE, Colorado Springs9272PK-5
          Adult & Family Literacy School2883 SO. CIRCLE DRIVE, Colorado Springs-12711-12
          Adult Education/Lincoln Center School619 BOWEN, Longmont-1689-12
          Adventure Elementary School7700 DELTA ST., Denver-274K-6
          Agate Elementary School41032 2ND AVENUE, Agate-17PK-5
          Agate Junior-Senior High School41032 2ND AVENUE, Agate-476-12
          Aguilar Elementary School420 NORTH BALSAM, Aguilar-79PK-6
          Aguilar Junior-Senior High School420 NORTH BALSAM, Aguilar-757-12
          Air Academy High School551 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD WEST, Usaf Academy621,4289-12
          Akron Elementary School301 EAST FIFTH STREET, Akron33273PK-8
          Akron High School600 ELM, Akron611289-12
          Alameda High School1255 SOUTH WADSWORTH BLVD, Lakewood-8629-12
          Alamosa High School805 CRAFT DRIVE, Alamosa166069-12
          Alamosa Open School216 VICTORIA STREET, Alamosa-556-12
          Alice Terry Elementary School4485 SOUTH IRVING STREET, Englewood-358K-2
          Allendale Elementary School5900 OAK STREET, Arvada2247K-6
          Alpine Elementary School2005 ALPINE STREET, Longmont54493PK-5
          Alsup Elementary School7101 BIRCH STREET, Commerce City32537PK-5
          Alta Vista Charter School8785 ROAD LL, Lamar-84K-6
          Altona Middle School4600 CLOVER BASIN DRIVE, Longmont876765-8
          Altura Elementary School1650 ALTURA BLVD, Aurora-445PK-5
          American Academy At Castle Pines Charter School8600 PARK MEADOWS DRIVE, Lone Tree88518K-8
          Ames Elementary School7300 SOUTH CLERMONT DRIVE, Littleton66231K-5
          Amesse Elementary School5440 SCRANTON STREET, Denver-507PK-5
          Angevine Middle School1150 SOUTH BOULDER ROAD, Lafayette345516-8
          Animas Valley Elementary School373 HERMOSA MEADOWS ROAD, Durango75256PK-5
          Antelope Ridge Elementary School5455 SOUTH TEMPE STREET, Aurora49788PK-5
          Antelope Trails Elementary School15280 JESSIE DRIVE, Colorado Springs83517PK-5
          Antonito High School620 PINE STREET, Antonito-1129-12
          Antonito Junior High School620 PINE STREET, Antonito-437-8
          Appleton Elementary School2358 H ROAD, Grand Junction61387PK-5
          Aragon Elementary School211 SOUTH MAIN STREET, Fountain42487PK-5
          Arapahoe High School2201 EAST DRY CREEK ROAD, Littleton752,2209-12
          Arapahoe Ridge Elementary School13095 PECOS STREET, Westminster54644K-5
          Arapahoe Ridge High School6600 ARAPAHOE AVENUE, Boulder-2256-12
          Archuleta County High School4TH & LEWIS, Pagosa Springs-537-12
          Archuleta Elementary School16000 MAXWELL PLACE, Denver-589PK-5
          Arickaree Elementary School12155 COUNTY ROAD NN, Anton-74PK-6
          Arickaree Undivided High School12155 COUNTY ROAD NN, Anton-387-12
          Arkansas Elementary School17301 EAST ARKANSAS AVE, Aurora6532PK-5
          Arrowhead Elementary School19100 EAST BATES AVENUE, Aurora9643PK-5
          Arrowhead Learning Center School109 BROOKDALE STREET, Buena Vista-105-12
          Arrowwood Elementary School10345 ARROWWOOD DRIVE, Highlands Ranch52576PK-6
          Arvada High School7951 WEST 65TH AVENUE, Arvada41,3649-12
          Arvada Middle School5751 BALSAM STREET, Arvada862737-8
          Arvada West High School11325 ALLENDALE DRIVE, Arvada661,6649-12
          Asbury Elementary School1320 EAST ASBURY AVENUE, Denver62316PK-5
          Ashley Elementary School1914 SYRACUSE STREET, Denver-353PK-5
          Aspen Community Charter School1199 WOODY CREEK ROAD, Woody Creek75121PK-8
          Aspen Creek K-8 Elementary School5500 ASPEN CREEK DRIVE, Broomfield64912K-8
          Aspen Crossing Elementary School4655 S HIMALAYA STREET, Centennial47472PK-5
          Aspen Elementary School0235 HIGH SCHOOL ROAD, Aspen76508PK-4
          Aspen High School0235 HIGH SCHOOL ROAD, Aspen555199-12
          Aspen Middle School0235 HIGH SCHOOL ROAD, Aspen684475-8
          Aspen Pre- School0235 HIGH SCHOOL ROAD, Aspen-38-
          Aspen Valley High School1450 CHAPEL HILLS DRIVE, Colorado Springs141019-12
          Audubon Elementary School2400 EAST VAN BUREN STREET, Colorado Springs10316PK-8
          Aurora Academy Charter School10251 EAST 1ST AVE, Aurora52493K-8
          Aurora Central High School11700 EAST 11TH AVE, Aurora192,2479-12
          Aurora Frontier K-8 School3200 S JERICHO WAY, Aurora16606K-8
          Aurora Hills Middle School1009 SOUTH UVALDA ST, Aurora451,0636-8
          Aurora Public Child Development Center School1420 LAREDO ST, Aurora-835-
          Aurora Quest Academy School472 SOUTH WHEELING ST, Aurora1001601-6
          Avery/Parsons Elementary School516 EAST MAIN STREET, Buena Vista37404PK-5
          Avon Elementary School805 WEST BEAVER CREEK, Avon-384K-5
          Avondale Elementary School213 HIGHWAY 50 EAST, Avondale46211PK-5
          Ayres Elementary School1812 ROBIN ROAD, Sterling-467K-2
          B F Kitchen Elementary School915 DEBORAH DRIVE, Loveland25201K-5
          Backpack Early Learning Academy School822 GRAND AVENUE, Delta-159-
          Bacon Elementary School5844 SOUTH TIMBERLINE ROAD, Fort Collins75536PK-6
          Baker Central School300 LAKE STREET, Fort Morgan264485-6
          Baker Elementary School3555 WEST 64TH AVENUE, Denver-360PK-5
          Banning Lewis Ranch Academy School7094 COTTONWOOD TREE DRIVE, Colorado Springs38599K-8
          Barnum Elementary School85 HOOKER STREET, Denver-489PK-5
          Barone Middle SchoolBOB TUCKER DRIVE, Meeker481556-8
          Barrett Elementary School2900 RICHARD ALLEN COURT, Denver-250PK-5
          Barton Prekindergarten School703 EAST PROSPECT, Fort Collins-262-
          Basalt Elementary School151 EAST COTTONWOOD DRIVE, Basalt5578PK-4
          Basalt High School600 SOUTHSIDE DRIVE, Basalt224979-12
          Basalt Middle School151 COTTONWOOD DRIVE, Basalt224435-8
          Bates Elementary School702 CRAGMOR ROAD, Colorado Springs39284PK-5
          Battle Mountain High School750 EAGLE ROAD, Minturn187389-12
          Battle Rock Charter School11247 COUNTY ROAD G, Cortez-33K-6
          Bauder Elementary School2345 WEST PROSPECT, Fort Collins48370PK-6

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